Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've recently decided to dread my hair out. It all started because I hadn't brushed my hair in a few days and it was getting dready without any effort at all. So I took the bottom section and used the "twist/rip" method to create baby dreads on the underside of my hair. Then I stopped shampooing my hair altogether. I knew that shampoo stripped the natural oils out of your hair that were good for it, but my hair got so greasy if I didn't wash it.. so I continued to shampoo daily. Now I haven't shampooed my hair in about 3 weeks and my hair doesn't look greasy at all! I rinse my hair in the shower every day, but I haven't been using any soaps at all in it. I also dilute some lavender oil with water and spray it in my hair daily... It smells amazing and makes my hair look awesome too. I've been looking at tons of dread-speration pics on google and pinterest, but mostly my dreads are natural/free forming. I love that I wake up every morning and my hair looks different, but its changing in its own natural way, its fun! :) Kind of like a journey, but with hair, and I'm very excited to see where we end up.

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